Write Your Blog Even In Your Busy Schedule

One of the hardest things about working as a freelancer is juggling lots of projects and maintaining your digital marketing initiatives. Especially if you’re a one-man band like I am.

write your blog, Things have been busy of late. I completed my digital consultation service for my beloved students’ website yesterday and thought that the next two weeks would be a bit easier after the stresses of researching marketing and competition locally in Chennai. Time to work on my website, I thought, but suddenly a couple of new projects fells into my lap (!). This week I’ve got a website project to sort for a client (Air Conditioning Installation Service Provider) and a Social Media Marketing proposal for another client.

Add to the mix the 3 little kittens next to my desk and Owen a busy boy now.

Although posts have been a bit slower than I would like I’ve posted every day on my digital advice website to keep marketing my writings (and keep friends and family up-to-date with what’s happening with the latest litter). I’ve also been quite active on Linkedin making new connections, promoting my services.

Don’t Skip Writing

Even when things are hectic, it’s important to keep a blog (and all your other marketing initiatives) going so that projects lead to new projects. Whilst repeat clients are great and should be nurtured. It’s vital to stay visible. There’s nothing like an un-updated blog to send visitors to your website away.

Staying in the Game

Another knock-on effect of having so much to do is that I haven’t had so much time to keep up with the contents of news aggregators. Lots of interesting posts and updates in LinkedIn have slipped by, no doubt, or been stored up in my Must Read Later.

When things get hectic for you, how do you keep your blog going?

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