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How Important It Is To Plan Your Editorial Calendar?

For me, the last day was a cruel reminder of just how important it is to plan, schedule and execute my digital marketing activities!

There I was planning to start writing a post on B2B communications before my dinner when life got in the way and a student asked me how to plan his calendar on a regular basis (probably to publish every day in his blog).

I know from experience (and studying the data) that my most posts in terms of are published almost daily. So I need to be getting a post out at my set time no matter what.

But that’s not easy when you’re a one-man army, 3 classes a day, life, friends and, kittens to juggle (I’m just picturing it as I write). Still, it’s not an excuse.

Your business gets in the way of you doing things. There’s always something. No matter what. You know that, don’t you? So the rule of thumb has to be to prepare a trickle of posts that you can turn to when necessary. No matter what.

Immediate Publication?

It’s not always about writing a post to get it out there then and then. Those of us that use blogs as part of our digital marketing strategy need to also write and save a few posts. Store them away for those rainy and busy days when everything goes to pot.

A good way to do this is getting a better overview of your content marketing by using an editorial calendar. Plan out a week’s (or month’s) entries and then schedule a time to write a few of them up at a time.

This kind of planning will mean you have something to post according to the schedule you’ve settled upon.


Today showed me just how much I need to fine-tune my own editorial calendar and planning (Since I missed to share my view on the 2nd and 3rd of this month). Dinner with friends, client demands, etc, all get in the way. But that’s not an excuse. It’s information to learn from.

Have you got an editorial calendar? Are you sticking to it? Do you know what your next five blog contents are going to be about? Maybe, if we’re going to succeed with content marketing we should treat blogging more professionally.

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