Sharing Different Sides of You with Social Media – Talk Differently

Sharing Different Sides of You with Social Media – Talk Differently

Different people want to know different things about you and your company. Some folks want the latest news. Others want tips or hints on how to get the best out of existing products.

If you’re using a variety of communication tools to talk with customers –blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc– it can be a good idea to use different strategies with each medium.

For example, Twitter is great for telling people what you’re doing right now. If you’re a restaurant, say, and you tweet out a “10% off today’s lunch special for the first 10 people to DM us right away” this is going to strike a different chord than blogging “How to Make the Perfect Spaghetti Sauce”.

A blog is ideal for showing in more detail the things you are thinking about, rather than actually doing.

Facebook Fan Pages, on the other hand, is a great way of sharing pictures, short quips and asking followers questions.

A client I’ve worked with, for example, uses Facebook to show upcoming marketing material, to get an idea of whether it will strike a chord with the community.

The relative ease of Facebook’s commenting feature means it’s great for getting instant feedback.

What About You?

Are you using social media tools to go on about the same continuous message? Or are you using them to talk to different people about different aspects of your business?

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